How does an RV work?

We have created helpful explainer videos.


No, from 10 days there is no kilometer maximum. Please read our terms and conditions about this .

Bringing pets is allowed, you must return the motorhome clean and odorless. View the terms and conditions here.

No, smoking is not allowed in the motorhomes. Read the terms and conditions here.

Yes, you may travel outside Europe, provided you have consulted with us. Read the conditions here.

All motorhomes have Apple Car Play or navigation. You can connect your phone to the system via a USB cable.

Some motorhomes come standard with automatic transmission. Please read the description carefully.

There is no Isofix in the motorhomes. We do have belt clips for child seats. If you need this, you can indicate this when you rent the motorhome.

Our motorhomes do not all come standard with a tow bar. The motorhomes that do have this are The Mountaineer DELUXE and The Discoverer DELUXE. With these motorhomes, the tow bar is required for the bike carrier.

The new Euro 6 diesel engines are equipped with a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) catalyst that uses AdBlue to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions. When the AdBlue light comes on, you can often still drive about 2,400 km. If the tank is not refilled by then, the vehicle cannot restart. So to avoid this, it is advisable to take care of this at the nearest gas station. Large gas stations often have an AdBlue refueling point, this is usually indicated on the pillars at the beginning of the gas station. There are also jerry cans available, although these are less economical than refueling the AdBlue yourself.

The blue AdBlue filler cap is located near the diesel fuel tank valve. AdBlue is carried in a separate tank in the motorhome and you can fill it when indicated by a light on the dashboard. Refill the tank with a minimum of 5 liters. After refilling, first turn on the ignition for about 5 minutes without starting the engine. After 5 minutes turn off the camper. After this you can start the engine again.

Motorhome camping

We will give you a connected bottle of gas and one full bottle. We do not connect this one yet. For more information, check out our videos.

We deliver the motorhomes with a complete inventory. View the RV inventory here. 

Yes, it is possible to have a gas cylinder refilled abroad. This can usually be done at specially designated stores or companies that sell or rent gas cylinders. However, keep in mind that the conditions for refilling gas cylinders may vary from country to country. For example, in some countries you may be required to have a particular type of gas cylinder or specific safety measures may apply to refilling gas cylinders. It is therefore advisable to inquire in advance about the rules and conditions for refilling gas cylinders in the country you are in.

Motorhome rental

You can rent an RV if you have a B driver's license, are at least 24 years old and have had your license for more than two years. Read all the conditions here: conditions

Should you have an accident that leaves you unable to continue driving, you will get a replacement camper (subject to availability).

Driving our motorhomes is simple. They are maneuverable and easy to drive. For the novice camper, we provide tutorials with them in the form of QR codes, how exactly all the parts in a camper work et cetera. You can also watch them here.

You can also read our blogs full of tips!

No, you may not drive your RV to a winter sports area or end up in winter conditions. We only offer summer tires with our motorhomes.

Cost and insurance

Prices vary by season. For example, RVs are more expensive in July and August because of the vacations. April is the cheapest month. See exact prices on the RV page.

If you go on vacation to Norway and Sweden, you have to pay tolls. This is done through the camper's registration number. Before entering these countries, you need to create an account through epass24.

You register the motorhome and indicate that it is a rental motorhome. This allows you to specify the rental period and payments automatically stop after the vacation.

No, you can rent an RV with us for a minimum of 3 nights in mid-season and a minimum of 6 nights in high season.

The excess is a maximum of €1,250 per damage event. Should you wish to have the excess insured, we recommend

Deposit is €1,250 and is due at the second billing. Upon completion we will refund the deposit, provided no damage has been done. If you make damage we will deduct the cost from the deposit. The own risk bedr

Yes, you get one full gas bottle.

We do not offer travel insurance and/or cancellation insurance. We always advise you to take these out before you go on vacation with a campervan. However, of course the camper is well insured and during the vacation you have the possibility to use our breakdown service. The only risk you run is the excess per damage event. The excess is €1,250. Should you wish to have the excess insured, we recommend

Do you cancel the motorhome up to 42 days before the start? Then we charge 20 percent of the total amount. If you cancel the motor home from 42 days before the start, we will adhere to the BOVAG Caravan and Motorhome Company Terms and Conditions